Water Cooler

Water Cooler

Capitalizing on our sophisticated quality analysis facility, we have evolved as the noteworthy Importer and Supplier of the Water Cooler from Karnataka, India. By using innovative technology, these Water Coolers absorb the heat from water & dispense it chilled. Acclaimed for easy installation, low upkeep, energy efficiency and unrivaled functionality; these Water Cooler are procurable from us in different specifications at cost-effective prices.


Details :

  • Every water cooler, includes both bottled and mains (plumbed in) water coolers, has a reservoirs inside the casing that holds water. This reservoir is where the water is cooled prior to being dispensed.
  • Mains or plumbed in, water coolers often have a water filter between the incoming water supply and the reservoir to improve to improve the quality of water.
  • The refrigerant system works in almost exactly the same way as fridge at home. A compressor compresses a gas, this causes the temperature of the gas to rise, the gas is then passed to a condenser where the heat from the gas dissipates and the gas cools down until it becomes a liquid. Once the gas is cold, it is forced through an expansion valve, which causes it to drop in pressure and become even colder.
  • At this point the gas is present in the evaporator which absorbs the heat from the water held in the reservoir. This then heats the refrigerant, which then starts the cycle again. The cycle is kept going using electricity to drive a pump. Once the water is cold, it’s ready to be dispensed.

Attributes :

  • 304 grade mat finish stainless steel
  • Covered top
  • External covers
  • Storage tank made from 304 Grade 18 SWG stainless steel sheet
  • High density Puff Insulation
  • Automatic
  • Puff Injection Machine
  • Eco Friendly R-22 Gas charging by automatic machine

Components of Water Cooler :

  • Fully Stainless Steel Body(304 Grade)
  • Tank
  • Frame
  • Lid
  • Kirloskar make Compressor
  • Double insulated copper coil
  • PUF insulated tank with SS taps
  • Tray, etc.

Models Available :

  • 200 Ltrs Capacity Water Refrigerator (80Ltrs/Hr.)
  • One inlet and Two outlet with Taps & Drain Tray.
  • 1TR SP/TP Sealed type Compressor.
  • OAS : 34â��Lx26â��Wx 66â��H
  • 4 KVA V. Guard Voltage Stabilizer â�� VG 400
  • 250 Ltrs Capacity Water Refrigerator (100Ltrs/Hr.) 1 no.
  • One inlet and Two outlet with Taps & Drain Tray.
  • 1.5 TR SP/TP Sealed type Compressor
  • OAS : 36â��Lx28â��Wx66â��H
  • 4 KVA V. Guard Voltage Stabilizer â��VG400
  • 300 Ltrs Capacity Water Refrigerator (120Ltrs/Hr.) 1no
  • One inlet and Two outlet with Taps & Drain Tray.
  • 2 TR SP/3 Phase sealed type Compressor
  • OAS : 42½, ½Wx66½H
  • 5 KVA V. Guard Voltage Stabilizer -VG 500


Material Stainless Steel
Color Silver
Usage Cooling Water
Automatic Grade Automatic
Power 1-3kw
Driven Type Electric
Voltage (V) 220V
Warranty 2years

  • Industrial Water Cooler 01

  • Industrial Water Cooler 02

  • Industrial Water Cooler 03

  • Industrial Water Cooler 04