Electronic Water Softener

Electronic Water Softener

We bring forth the world-class Electronic (Salt Less) Water Softeners, which change the physical makeup of the water by using group of electrical pulses. Available with good guarantee, these Electronic Water Softeners (Salt Less) are doled out quality tested from the reckoned manufacturers across the globe. For affordable prices, get in touch. We are the distinguished Importer and Supplier of the Electronic Water Softeners from Karnataka, India.


Details :

  • These electrical pulses breakdown the calcium into fine calcium aragonite powder  the size of only 4 microns, the remaining soft calcium in the water groups itself into soft snow flake-like shapes.
  • Gaps appear between these groups of calcium flakes and for the water to easily carry the minerals, nutrients and for the formations of seeds from detergents. This broken down calcium powder is fine enough that it becomes six times more dissolvable into the water itself. Heat or pressure changes will not cause the converted calcium to revert and form calcium lime scale.
  • Water softener simply installs by wrapping coils of wire around the pipe and plugging it into a 230 VAC wall outlet. It constantly monitors the water move seeds, no scaling and it will begin to de-scale any existing of hard water build- up and remove it within 90 days.
  • Only use this system on plastic or copper pipe. Use one wrap on plastic and two wraps on copper pipe.


Warranty Five years on all parts, six months total satisfaction warranty.
Inlet Flow Rate 4-6 kg
Feed Flow Rate 4-6 kg
Inlet Flow Rate 1000 kld
Resin Loading Quantity(kg) Up to 100
Capacity (m3/hr) 5.0